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Lost In Boston IV: Various

kicks off with a rousing tale of life on the theatrical road 30 Weeks of Heaven. This song is a good demonstration of Dorothy Fields' talent for fitting jokes to the structure of a song; like Cole Porter she lands the punchline beautifully on the right notes, with a series of fast-paced detail-packed internally-rhymed lines leading up to the big note and the big joke. For example, here's a description of theatrical digs:
The night clerk doesn't clerk at night, he's bowling with the boys,
In dumps like these, we don't get keys, but we have other joys,
They're in your bed, it's Eddie and his Seven Little Foys,
How I love the road!

Brent Barrett and Klea Backhurst do this one justice.
The other Fields number on this disk is Gimme a Raincheck, a precursor to Rhythm of Life from Sweet Charity. Melba Joyce belts it out appropriately.

Fields tracks: Thirty Weeks Of Heaven, Gimme A Raincheck

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