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Recordings Section 3 : Sweet Charity (Item 2 of 6)

Sweet Charity OLC: Various

This is really a terrific cast recording. Although there's very little wrong with the excellent OBC or indeed with the JAY studio album, I would give this album a clear edge on the songs which are included. The Alyn Ainsworth orchestra has fantastic punch from the first few bars of the overture, and all the tracks leap at you with wonderful verve and energy. The performers are all wonderful with Juliet Prowse perhaps a slightly less vulnerable than average Charity. This works fine however, and my only criticism would be her jarring deafening intakes of breath in Where Am I Going?

Fields tracks: You Should See Yourself, Big Spender, Too Many Tomorrows, If My Friends Could See Me Now, There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This, Sweet Charity, The Rhythm Of Life, Baby Dream Your Dream, Where Am I Going?, I'm A Brass Band, I Love To Cry At Weddings

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