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Recordings Section 13 : Others 7 (1 Fields track) (Item 8 of 8)

Everything's Rosie! : Rosemary Clooney

This collection of Rosie singing with a band in the 1950s is a mixed bag. Some of the songs are so short and finish very abruptly - four tracks last less than two minutes.

On the other hand there are beautiful versions of Don't Worry 'Bout Me and two Sinatra standards You Make Me Feel So Young and Witchcraft.

The rarely heard Fields track is Goodbye Blues. It's a delight with a sexy lyric from Fields:

Goodbye blues, hello romance
I've got the yen, and I'm all set to go
Goodbye blues, hello romance
I've got the oats, and I'm ready to sow
This gal is ready to blow her fuse
That's why it's hello trouble
Goodbye blues

Fields tracks: Goodbye Blues

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