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Out of This World: Rosemary Clooney

An interesting 2-CD set of later Clooney, containing tracks recorded for the many albums she released between 1977 and 1998.

During this period Clooney tackled the Great American Songbook while signed to the Concord Jazz label.

The Clooney voice from this part of her career is noticeably weaker than the glorious rich sound she produced throughout the 1950s. The breath control is not what it was, and the tone is a little hollow. However her diction and phrasing are superb, and her voice still stands strongly at the centre of the tasteful jazz arrangements. Only in the tracks from the late 1990s does the deterioration become a little distracting.

It's from this later period that the solitary Dorothy Fields track comes - Pick Yourself Up. Clooney sings it well, but extraordinary liberties are taken with the lyric - large sections are rewritten as follows:

Your face has that full of doubt look
Cos right not you're feeling kinda small
But switch to a sunny outlook
And some day you'll have it all
Life is a party but now and then
You have to fall to rise again
Pick yourself up ....

and later on:

Hang on that scheme you're schemin'
Even when the road is rough and wild
You'll find the dreams you're dreamin'
Soon will all come true my child

You can't expect me to approve of that!

Fields tracks: Pick Yourself Up

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