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Audrey Lavine at Home with Arlen: Audrey Lavine

This is a terrific set of Harold Arlen songs. Audrey Lavine is a classically trained cabaret singer who clearly really relishes this material. Her fine voice and great phrasing are compelling, drawing you into the song - you stop what you're doing and pay attention.

The songs included belong to 10 different lyricists, including Dorothy Fields. And the song in question Look Who's Been Dreaming is a real rarity, cut from the film The Farmer Takes a Wife, and only previously recorded on a hard-to-find Peggy Lee set. (The title echoes those of two other Fields songs: Look Who's Dancing and Look Who's In Love.) It's slight and charming with a typically neat and apt ending: Look who's awake at last.

My favourite track is a superb arrangement of It Was Written In The Stars (lyric by Leo Robin). Beautiful.

Fields tracks: Look Who's Been Dreaming

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