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Recordings Section 4 : Other Fields productions (Item 3 of 3)

Lucky in the Rain: Various

This is a great CD with a splendid cast and fine arrangements of Jimmy McHugh songs from Wally Harper.

Lucky in the Rain is one of those musicals fashioned around a score of old classic songs. Six of the songs have Fields lyrics; Harold Adamson is responsible for the rest. The show is set in 1920s Paris. Consequently in the show On The Sunny Side of the Street is sung by Gertrude Stein (to Alice T, of course), Doin' The New Low Down is sung by Josephine Baker, and Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow is sung by Isadora Duncan!

In fact in this studio recording, the singers do not correspond to the parts in the stage show they play more than one character and share characters. Furthermore, apart from the afore-mentioned Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow (lyric by Adamson), the Barbara Cook numbers all come from her Close As Pages In A Book CD, recorded years earlier.

No matter, the songs are wonderfully performed particular nice to have is Lillias White's sizzling rendition of Doin' The New Low Down.

Fields tracks: Exactly Like You, On The Sunny Side Of The Street, Doin' The New Low-Down, I Must Have That Man, Don't Blame Me, I Can't Give You Anything But Love

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