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Yours For A Song - Here's to the Ladies: Peter Mintun

Peter Mintun has been playing piano in cabaret and clubs for decades, but has only recently turned to singing. The liner notes to this CD state : Peter is the first to admit he's no Luciano Pavarotti – his friend Bobby Short once said of him “He sings like a songwriter!”. Well it's true that his voice is very unsure on the notes and has no range to speak of, but his diction is good, and he just about gets away with it.

The interest of this CD, dedicated to women songwriters, is in the rarity of its material. Interesting liner notes on the more obscure songwriters. The four Fields tracks are :
I Can't Give You Anything But Love – clearly not a rarity.
Got A New Lease On Life – one of the three Oscar Levant songs Dorothy wrote. This is the most interesting track, as the lyric is charming. Mintun has trouble with the complex Levant melody though.
Dinner At Eight – written for but not used in the film of the same name. This is a sub-standard Fields lyric – the dull phrases drag over the slow-paced melody, at least in this version.
Thank You For A Lovely Evening – another dull lyric.
In conclusion, this recording is only for the completist collector.

Fields tracks: Dinner At Eight, I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Got A New Lease On Life, The Way You Look Tonight, Thank You For A Lovely Evening

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