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Recordings Section 9 : Others 3 (3-4 Fields tracks) (Item 2 of 8)

Julie Wilson sings the Cy Coleman songbook: Julie Wilson

This is a highly enjoyable live recording of the celebrated singer in a cabaret performance at the Algonquin.

Those unfamiliar with her work may get a shock when they first hear Julie Wilson's voice - the ravaged, hollow sound is unlike that of any other cabaret performer, and tends to dull the Cy Coleman melodies on this disc. However this is amply compensated by her personality and the skill with which she delivers a lyric.

There are four Dorothy Fields songs on this recording. Two are familiar, and two are previously unrecorded. There is a cut song I Can't Let You Go from Sweet Charity, which covers much the same ground as the soul-searching songs for Charity which remained in the show. Then there is a joyous discovery in a song from Eleanor (not on the songlist in Deborah Grace Winer's book] called Do Be A Darling. The marvellously funny lyric is treated to a magnificent performance from Wilson, who adopts the character of a tipsy, drawling, selfish socialite demanding ever more outrageous favours from her friends. Wilson's wheedling archness and the vague airy tones in which she promises favours in return are priceless.

Fields tracks: I Can't Let You Go, Big Spender, Nobody Does It Like Me, Do Be A Darling

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