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Texas Carnival

Director: Charles Walters Studio: MGM Year: 1951
Stars: Esther Williams, Red Skelton, Howard Keel, Ann Miller   Video: A video is generally available.


Carnival folks in comedy of mistaken identity.

This is a mildly amusing and good-natured musical which features the individual stars doing the things they do, and never rises above the pleasant.

Apart from an early ducking Esther takes a long time to get wet, and when she does it's absurd but enjoyable, as she swims around a dry and pining Howard Keel in a dream. Red Skelton has some rather tedious comic routines. The songs are fine but not classic Fields, although I'm rather partial to the tongue-in-cheek Whoa, Emma.

Notes on songs: These songs were written for the film. Two songs called Love is a Lovely Word and You've Got a Face Full of Wonderful Things were not used in the final film.
All the Fields songs are available as bonus material on the CD recording of Lovely To Look At.

Songs (Composer: Harry Warren)

Cornie's Pitch lovely
Whoa, Emma lovely
It's Dynamite lovely
Young Folks Should Get Married lovely

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