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Every Night At Eight

Director: Raoul Walsh Studio: Paramount Year: 1935
Stars: George Raft, Alice Faye, Frances Langford, Patsy Kelly Video: Video available.

A trio of girls (including Patsy Kelly, who introduced I Can't Give You Anything But Love on stage) try to make a career as a singing group. George Raft is the band leader who hires them.

This is a lightweight affair, with no plot to speak of, but it's enjoyable, and introduced some great songs. I Feel A Song Coming On gets a big production treatment.

Notes on songs:

Notes on songs: These songs were written for the film. George Oppenheimer is also credited with the lyrics for I Feel a Song Comin' On, but according to Ken Bloom, he contributed the title only.

The Fields songs performed, in order of occurrence, are:

Take it Easy (girls)

Speaking Confidentially (Faye and girls)

Take It Easy (girls)

I Feel A Song Coming On (girls, Alice, male singer and chorus)

Every Night At Eight (girls)

I'm In The Mood For Love (Langford)



Songs (Composer: Jimmy McHugh)

Every Night At Eight
I Feel A Song Comin' On amsong, ballard, evening, langford, kirk
I'm In The Mood For Love amsong, ballard, cook, hall, langford, murphy, sbabies, sherman, ferry, kirk, dinablade
It's Great To Be In Love Again froman
Speaking Confidentially faye
Take It Easy waller
That's The Hollywood Low-Down

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