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Hooray For Love

Director: Walter Lang Studio: RKO Year: 1935
Stars: Ann Sothern, Gene Raymond, Pert Kelton, Lionel Stander, Bill Robinson and Fats Waller as themselves   Video: As far as I know no video has been released.
A rich young man is swindled by the con man father of the young singer whose show he is backing.  

Bojangles turns up at the end of this movie to sing I'm Living in a Great Big Way - Fats Waller also makes a very brief appearance.
Notes on songs: These songs were written for the film.

Songs (Composer: Jimmy McHugh)

Hooray For Love goodman, sherman
I'm Livin' In A Great Big Way goodman, sherman
I'm In Love All Over Again
Palsie Walsie
You're An Angel

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