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Lovely To Look At

Director: Mervyn LeRoy Studio: MGM Year: 1952
Stars: Kathryn Grayson, Red Skelton, Howard Keel, Marge Champion, Gower Champion, Ann Miller   Video: A video is generally available.
Interesting cast in remake of Roberta.
Notes on songs: Lovely to Look At comes from the film Roberta and no lyric changes were made.

Otherwise, Dorothy Fields wrote new lyrics as follows:

For three songs, entirely new lyrics were written for songs which had previously had different names and Otto Harbach lyrics.

Opening Night replaced Don't Ask Me Not To Sing; The Most Exciting Night replaced Armful of Trouble; Lafayette was based on Clementina .

Fields revised the lyric for I'll Be Hard to Handle (originally by Bernard Dougall), You're Devastating (Harbach) and her own I Won't Dance.

The song When We Were Young does not appear in the film.

A CD recording is available.

Songs (Composer: Jerome Kern)

I Won't Dance dearie, evening, haran, ladies, mayes, whiting, dinablade, lovely
Lafayette lovely
Most Exciting Night, The kernlond, lovely
Opening Night bykern1, lovely
When We Were Very Young
I'll Be Hard to Handle ellakern, lovely
You're Devastating lovely
Lovely To Look At evening, murphy, nixon, dinablade, lovely

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