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One Night In The Tropics

Director: A. Edward Sutherland Studio: Universal Year: 1940
Stars: Allan Jones, Nancy Kelly, Robert Cummings, Peggy Moran, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello Video: A video is generally available.

This is an enjoyable enough romp with some sprightly comic performances. It's a must for Abbott and Costello fans, as it is their first movie, and features their famous Who's On First routine. For those of us who are less enamoured of Bud and Lou, their contributions are reasonably amusing and don't hold the picture up too long. The plot concerns an insurance salesman who insures his pal against said pal's marriage failing to take place; a problem arises when the salesman falls in love with the prospective bride.

Notes on songs: These songs were written for the film.

The Fields/Kern score was originally written for a film which was never made, but they shoehorned the songs into this film instead. Most notably, this film includes the first performance of the classic Fields song Remind Me, although it misses out the gorgeous introduction "Turn off that charm, I'm through with love for a while" and in two places the song lyrics are overladen with comic dialogue from the other actors. Of the other songs, I found Back In My Shell to be the most interesting; it has a very Fieldsian lyric describing a determinedly Hello/Goodbye attitude to romance.

The film also includes the Kern/Hammerstein song Your Dream. Curiously the sheet music of this song gives Dorothy Fields as the lyricist!

Songs (Composer: Jerome Kern)

Back In My Shell
Remind Me ellakern, evening, haran, mclaren, murphy, marcovicci, whiting, southern2, dinablade, mcnair
You And Your Kiss

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