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Radio Broadcast on Dorothy Fields

On 31st July 2000 National Public Radio / WHYY Philadelphia broadcast a one-hour tribute to Dorothy Fields including interviews with Deborah Grace Winer, Philip Furia and Cy Coleman. It can be heard through Real Audio on the Internet.

The table belows shows the content of the Fresh Air programme which was presented by Terry Ross. If you are using Real Audio and want to skip to a particular part of the broadcast, use the Seek to Position command on the Play menu.

The songs are performed by Rebecca (Becky) Kilgore with piano accompaniment by Dave Frishberg.

0:00Opening remarks, news report
6:50Introduction by Terry Ross
07:20Song : On The Sunny Side of the Street
Interview with Deborah Grace Winer
09:18Dorothy Fields as a trailblazer. Lew Fields. The Fields family and their friends and contacts in musical theatre. J. Fred Coots.
13:34Extract from An Evening with Dorothy Fields - Dorothy Fields relates tales of her early songwriting work.
14:44Disadvantages of being a woman. Jimmy McHugh. White writers for black performers. Colloquial / suggestive lyrics.
17:05Extract from An Evening with Dorothy Fields -the risqué lyrics by Aida Ward story.
18:24 Lew Fields accepts his daughter's career. Quick success.
19:40 Commercial break
Performing songs
20:12 Introduction to Dave Frischberg and Rebecca Kilgore.
20:50 Song : I Can't Get Anything You But Love
23:46 Rebecca Kilgore - views on Fields as a singer.
24:10 I Must Have That Man - Dave Frischberg's views.
26:50 Station break
Interview with Philip Furia
29:10 Snatch of I'm in the Mood for Love (Louis Armstrong) Dorothy Fields trademarks - the most vernacular. Rhyming - literate and slangy.
31:38 Extract from a 1960s interview with Dorothy Fields - tales of working in Hollywood.
32:15 Jerome Kern. Elegance and earthiness. A Fine Romance. Relaxed when being sexy.
36:35 Station break
More songs by Frischberg and Kilgore
37:18 Song : A Fine Romance - Frischberg's favourite.
40:17 Song : I Won't Dance - comparison of Hammerstein and Fields versions
43:35 Song : Don't Blame Me
46:10 Song : The Way You Look Tonight
48:55 End to Frischberg / Kilgore sections
49:30 Station break
Interview with Cy Coleman
50:30 How Fields kept up to date with colloquialisms. Her working style.
53:49 Extract from An Evening with Dorothy Fields. Song : If My Friends Could See Me Now. sung by Dorothy.
55:00 Closing Credits

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