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Stars in Your Eyes

Opening night:1939

Composer: Arthur Schwartz


Ethel Merman
Jimmy Durante
Richard Carlson
Tamara Toumanova
Mildred Natwick
Musical Numbers
Places, Everybody
One Brief Moment
This Is It
All The Time
Self-Made Man
Okay For Sound
A Lady Needs A Change
Terribly Attractive
Just A Little Bit More
As Of Today
He's Goin' Home
I'll Pay The Check
Never A Dull Moment
It's All Yours

Stars in Your Eyes was Dorothyís second book musical, and her first project after she returned to New York for married life with second husband Eli Lahm.

The creative process was a troubled one, with the showís original conception being radically altered by director Joshua Logan, who removed the left-wing political comment which had originally featured strongly. Songs were cut and replaced, and the piece emerged as a lively romantic comedy taking place in Hollywood.

Some serious songs remained, such as the rueful, resigned Iíll Pay The Check, delivered by Ethel Merman. The cast was a great asset, featuring not only Merman but Jimmy Durante; the pair had a show-stopping number in Itís All Yours, during which they repeatedly interrupted the chorus with wisecracks, jokes and ad-libs.

If Itís All Yours was a throw-away number, but some of the other numbers represented Dorothyís first foray into writing lyrics integrated with the characters and plot of a show.

The show was moderately well received by critics, but lasted less than four months.

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