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Chronological Songlist


Show ... Composer: Hague ... Year: 1959

Behave Yourself redhead
Erbie Fitch's Twitch hague, redhead
I'll Try redhead
I'm Back In Circulation redhead
It Doesn't Take A Minute redhead
Just For Once redhead, suzuki
Look Who's In Love evening, harnar, redhead
Merely Marvellous amsong, ballard, mercer, redhead
My Gal's A Mule
My Girl Is Just Enough Woman For Me redhead
Right Finger Of Me Left Hand, The redhead
She's Not Enough Woman For Me redhead
Simpson Sisters, The redhead
Two Faces In The Dark redhead, suzuki
Uncle Sam Rag, The evening, redhead
We Loves Ya, Jimey redhead
What Has She Got? redhead
You Love I redhead
You Might Be Next
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