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Biography : Amanda McBroom anecdote

The celebrated singer/songwriter
Amanda McBroom shares a
touching and telling memory
of Dorothy Fields, from the
troubled road tour of Seesaw
(McBroom was in the chorus).

Amanda McBroom: We were in the Fisher Theater in Detroit and I was sitting in the auditorium. It was in the middle of winter. Half the company had hepatitis, half the company had just been fired, everybody was really cranky, and I was really missing my boyfriend.

Dorothy Fields came over, sat next to me, patted my knee and asked "What's the matter honey?" I told her how horribly I was missing my boyfriend.

She put down this enormous Louis Vuitton bag which she always carried around, pulled out a pack of Camels, lit one up, pulled out a flask, took a drag, then pulled out her checkbook, wrote me a check for $300, handed it to me and said "You get him here. Romance is important."

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