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Biography : The 1970s

The projects which never came to fruition continued in the early 70s. The most significant in terms of effort was the full score written by Coleman and Fields for a proposed show Eleanor, about the life of the young Eleanor Roosevelt.

Finally in March 1973 after many trials and tribulations, Dorothy did have a final show produced on Broadway – Seesaw . The toll the experience took was reflected in Dorothy's comment : “It's impossible to do a Broadway show today but you do it anyway, for love”.

Another important event towards the end of Dorothy's life was the evening in 1972 dedicated to her work in the Lyrics and Lyricists series.
Although Dorothy had always performed songs at parties, she was nervous about speaking and singing in a concert format, and must have been gratified at the enthusiastic reception she received. The recording of this concert is available on CD, and is highly recommended.

On 28 th March 1974 Dorothy attended rehearsals for the imminent national tour of Seesaw. On returning home she suffered a fatal stroke. She was sixty-nine years old.
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