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Recordings Section 3 : Sweet Charity (Item 5 of 6)

Sweet Charity studio cast: Various

Carol Channing recorded her Dolly in 1964 and 1994. Yul Brynner set down his King on vinyl in 1951 and 1977. And now Josephine Blake joins the company by revisiting her Nickie from the original London cast of Sweet Charity twenty-eight years later in 1994.

She is fine, like the whole cast. However the performances do not have quite the same zip as the OBC and the OLC. This is sometimes a feature of studio recordings, although JAY can point to triumphant counter-examples in its splendid 110 in the Shade, and a tremendous My Fair Lady. As always with JAY the great advantage of this recording is its completeness. For one thing, you get the songs and pieces of music which are left out of other recordings. Here, the extra material is mainly orchestral such as the Coney Island Waltz. However as bonus tracks there are three songs from the film : My Personal Property, It's a Nice Face and Sweet Charity (same lyric as in the show, different tune).

As always with JAY, the songs are presented as they would be heard in the theatre including dialogue before and during the numbers.

Fields tracks: You Should See Yourself, Big Spender, Charity's Soliloquy, If My Friends Could See Me Now, Too Many Tomorrows, There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This, I'm The Bravest Individual, The Rhythm Of Life, Baby Dream Your Dream, Sweet Charity, Where Am I Going?, I Love To Cry At Weddings, I'm A Brass Band, My Personal Property, It's A Nice Face, Sweet Charity (film version)

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