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Recordings Section 7 : Others 1 (5-6 Fields tracks) (Item 3 of 8)

Change Partners: Jeannette MacDonald / Nelson Eddy

In this CD Jeannette and Nelson forsake each other to play away. The first six tracks are from Up in Central Park and MacDonald duets with Robert Merrill in Close As Pages In A Book and The Fireman's Bride. The latter is a jolly vaudeville number which the pair have a good crack at, but the age of the recording makes it an effort to catch the lyrics. In Close As Pages In A Book they sing a section between the verse and refrain which is not on other recordings I've heard; nor is it in the lyric as printed in Winer. Jeannette sings Carousel in the Park and the lovely It Doesn't Cost You Anything to Dream. Merrill does justice to The Big Back Yard and When You Walk in The Room. Fields produced some great lyrics for this show, and the Romberg melodies are splendid. MacDonald isn't the greatest lyric interpreter, and one could wish for new fresher recordings, but this is well worth having. You also get a couple of tracks from Love Me Tonight, from The Student Prince, and from Northwest Outpost (Friml/Heyman).

Fields tracks: Carousel In The Park, It Doesn't Cost You Anything To Dream, Close As Pages In A Book, The Fireman's Bride, The Big Back Yard, When She Walks In The Room

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