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Nobody Does It Like Me: Morag McLaren

Morag McLaren is a genuine enthusiast; she performed a show about Fields at the Edinburgh Festival, and a cabaret tribute at Pizza on the Park. This is a splendid collection of standards and two precious rarities from the 1920s : Porgy and Looking For Love . Fun is had with some unusual arrangements ( Lost in a Fog boasts foghorns and seagulls), but the lyrics are given their full due. The McLaren voice has a sweet naturalness and her direct, unfussy interpretations are very effective. A favourite track is the combination of April Fooled Me and I'll Pay The Check . I don't dislike Ethel Merman, but it's nice to hear someone else singing the latter song, and providing a more subtle interpretation.

David Lahm, Dorothy's son, provided arrangements and played piano on six tracks.

Morag McLaren has a website containing information on her career and recordings.

Fields tracks: Big Spender, Nobody Does It Like Me, Exactly Like You, Looking For Love, The Way You Look Tonight, Make The Man Love Me, I Can't Give You Anything But Love, On The Sunny Side Of The Street, Lost In A Fog, Where Am I Going?, I'm Way Ahead, There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This, April Fooled Me, I'll Pay The Check, Porgy (Blues For Porgy), The Rhythm Of Life, April Snow, Remind Me, Pick Yourself Up, It's Not Where You Start, If My Friends Could See Me Now

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