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Mark Murphy: Sings Mostly Dorothy Fields And Cy Coleman: Mark Murphy

Mr Murphy's style isn't really to my taste. The usual crimes of jazz singers against lyrics are committed here - barmy phrasing, and swinging the unswingable. Several tracks are damaged by his intrusive piano-playing fighting the lyrics. You have to give him credit however for a pleasant voice and excellent diction, and many of the Carolyn Leigh tracks are excellent. He finishes with an amusingly (and knowingly) pompous Lovely to Look At, which is good fun. He also delivers the best recorded version of Seesaw.

Fields tracks: Don't Blame Me, A Fine Romance, April Fooled Me, Seesaw, Where Am I Going?, Exactly Like You, Alone Too Long, I'm In The Mood For Love, Remind Me, I'm Way Ahead, Lovely To Look At

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