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Marni Nixon: Sings Classic Kern : Marni Nixon

Opera singer Marni Nixon did fine working in dubbing singing for the female stars of West Side Story, The King and I and My Fair Lady, but this recording has the depressing sound of the typical crossover album.

Nixon tackles the ballads as though they were arias and sounds pinched and confined; she is uncomfortable with the lighter material.

Great material though, with several rare Kern numbers. Where else will you find two Kern/Harburg numbers written for Deanna Durbin ( Californ-i-ay and I'll Follow Your Smile) as well as forgotten songs I Have Seen, Can I Forget You (both Hammerstein) and Day Dreaming (Gus Kahn).

Fields tracks: Lovely To Look At, The Way You Look Tonight, Pick Yourself Up, A Fine Romance, April Fooled Me, I Dream Too Much

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