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Recordings Section 10 : Others 4 (2-3 Fields tracks) (Item 6 of 9)

Romberg Conducts Romberg Vol 2: Various

This British release is part of a two volume set which presents Romberg songs conducted by Romberg.

This second volume includes songs from My Maryland, The New Moon, Viennese Nights, May Wine and Sunny River.

There are also three tracks from Up in Central Park, splendidly performed by Jean Carlton, Larry Douglas, Lois Hunt and William Diehl.

These three tracks are of particular interest because, of all recorded versions, they may be the closest to reproducing the songs as they were sung in the show. The cast recording was beautiful, but it's not clear if the Broadway orchestrations were used, and the orchestra and chorus sound rather "cut down". On these Romberg-conducted recordings, made in October 1950, there are really luscious arrangements. Close As Pages In A Book includes the full verse which is almost never sung, and the orchestra really soars before the final chorus. The Big Back Yard includes an introductory verse and a middle section, both about poet William Bryant who advocated the creation of the park; these have never been recorded elsewhere. Larry Douglas and the Robert Shaw Chorale make this a real rouser.

Fields tracks: Close As Pages In A Book, April Snow, The Big Back Yard

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