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By The Beautiful Sea: Various

This score is pleasant but is much lighter than that of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Shirley Booth is Shirley Booth, which is fine, but her material is not quite up to the standard of the earlier show. One of the finest songs is the touching Alone Too Long, but it is given a bravura operetta-style delivery here by Wilbur Evans which does not flatter the song. Seek out Nat King Cole's version in preference.

A bonus are the two songs by the celebrated Mae Barnes with an inimitable voice and delivery. Through Miss Barnes, Dorothy Fields exhorts us to develop a Happy Habit:
“If you got teeth, flash the whole set,
Half enough laughs is what we don't get.”

This recording is now out of print.

Fields tracks: The Sea Song, Old Enough To Love, Coney Island Boat, Alone Too Long, Happy Habit, Good Time Charlie, I'd Rather Wake Up By Myself, Hooray For George The Third, Hang Up!, More Love Than Your Love, Lottie Gibson Specialty (Please Don't Send Me Down A Baby Brother), Throw The Anchor Away

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