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Lawrence Tibbett : Star Of Stage & Screen : Lawrence Tibbett

This collection of recordings made between 1926 and 1939 won me over to Lawrence Tibbett. Mainly known as an star at the Metropolitan Opera, Tibbett also recorded several popular songs and selections from operettas, and it is these which mainly feature here. His diction is excellent, and apart from a magnificent voice, his lively performances mark him out from some of his starchy contemporaries.
The CD kicks off with a stirring I Got Plenty o' Nuttin' and there follow some fine recordings of Kern classics. There are also a number of songs from films Tibbett appeared in, including Cuban Love Song which featured two Fields/McHugh numbers: Cuban Love Sea and Tramps at Sea.
The latter has probably never been recorded elsewhere and is something of a find - it's a humorous sea shanty, and includes a reference to Minnie, a 'fair tattooer' from New Guinea: She had an awful history, but a swell geography. Tibbett does it justice.

Fields tracks: Cuban Love Song, Tramps At Sea

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