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The Shows

Musical Scores

Musical Composer Year
Hello Daddy McHugh 1928
Stars In Your Eyes Schwartz 1939
Up In Central Park Romberg 1945
Arms And The Girl Gould 1950
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn Schwartz 1951
By The Beautiful Sea Schwartz 1954
Redhead Hague 1959
Sweet Charity Coleman 1966
Eleanor Coleman 1970
Seesaw Coleman 1973

The Revues

Revue Composer Year
Lew Leslie's Blackbirds of 1928
McHugh 1928
Cotton Club Parade McHugh 1929
Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic McHugh 1929
Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic (2) McHugh 1929
The International Revue
McHugh 1930
The Vanderbilt Revue
McHugh 1930
Rhapsody In Black McHugh 1931
Shoot The Works McHugh 1931
Singin' The Blues McHugh 1931
Radio City Music Hall Opening McHugh 1932
Clowns In Clover
McHugh 1933
Sticks And Stones Henderson 1939

Musical Books

(all written with Herbert Fields and other writers where indicated)
Musical ( cowriters in brackets ) Composer/Lyricist Year
Let's Face It Porter 1941
Something For The Boys Porter 1943
Mexican Hayride Porter 1944
Up In Central Park Romberg/Fields 1945
Annie Get Your Gun Berlin 1946
Arms And The Girl (Mamoulian) Gould/Fields 1950
Carnival in Flanders (Oppenheimer, Sturges) 1 Van Heusen/Burke 1953
By The Beautiful Sea Schwartz/Fields 1954
Redhead (Sheldon, Shaw) 2 Hague/Fields 1959
1 This book was subject to numerous rewrites; Preston Sturges took final credit.
2 Herbert Fields died during preparation for the show. Sidney Sheldon and David Shaw helped with the book after his death.

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